Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

February Events

  • Young Men’s Training Class

    • When: Starts Feb 18th (5 weeks)
    • Details: A 5-week interactive class focused on helping young men develop and deliver short lessons.
  • Ladies Day

    • When: Feb 24th, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Speakers:
      • Tammy Lancaster: Invitation for Refuge and Rest
      • Misty Delk: Invitation for Relationship, Discipleship
      • Lisa Schrader: Invitation for Sustenance, Provision
      • Wendi Brown: Invitation for Adoption, Eternal Life
    • Details: Join us for a special Ladies Day event with inspiring talks from our guest speakers.

March Events

  • Annual Singing

    • When: March 2nd
    • Details: Our annual singing event is a service dedicated to lifting up songs and praise.
  • 5th Sunday with Harris Waterman

    • When: March 31st
    • Details: Special guest speaker Harris Waterman joins us to deliver a lesson from God's word.

June Events

  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)

    • When: June 26th-28th
    • Details: The theme for our VBS this year will be "On the road".
      • Wednesday (June 26th): The Good Samaritan
      • Thursday (June 27th): Paul's Conversion
      • Friday (June 28th): Triumphal Entry
  • 5th Sunday with Tim Stevens

    • When: June 30th
    • Details: A special service led by guest speaker Tim Stevens.

Fall Events

  • Fall Meeting/5th Sunday with Regan McCleny

    • When: Sept 29th - Oct 2nd
    • Details: Our fall gospel meeting features a series of inspirational sermons delivered by guest speaker Regan McCleny.

December Events

  • 5th Sunday with Kevin Maxey

    • When: Dec 29th
    • Details: Guest speaker Kevin Maxey will be bringing to us a special sermon focussing on God's inspired word.