Assemblies Continue Sunday

Assemblies Continue Sunday

Veterans Parkway Assembly Continues:

(ADMIN NOTE: See Points 1 and 2 for specific assembly times/alphabetical divisions. The remaining points list additional details and requests from the elders.)

Dear Church Family:

In the midst of unprecedented times, it is difficult to know what is best and when. While “we must obey God rather than men,” we understand this is not a case of religious persecution, but one of health and safety. We also understand there are differing opinions as to how best to respond. Please know we seek to be open-minded and prudent. 

Prudence requires us to set some guidelines. You may or may not agree with these, but we ask you to be respectful of them and of the conscience and concern of others. We continue to monitor the situation and will make changes as conditions warrant.

1. There will be two assembly times this week: 9:00 and 10:30. Each assembly will last approx. 45 minutes. No classes. Note: our building has been deep cleaned and will be surface cleaned again between assemblies.

2. In keeping with the 50% auditorium capacity guideline, we have divided the assemblies alphabetically.

9:00—Last names Aaron to Harrington

10:30— Last names Harris to Wrenn

  • The elders will be at both assemblies.
  • If you ride with someone, attend with them.
  • If there is any hardship, please inform.

3. The sermon and Lord’s Supper talk will be combined.

4. If you have a conscience, health, or work issue, please remain home. Tennessee also recommends anyone over the age of 65 to remain at home. You know your age and risk factors. Use good judgment.  

5. Our assembly will be on Facebook Live. We are working on other ways to broadcast including Live Streaming. The latter will take more time.

6. We ask that you do not enter the building until 10 minutes prior to assembly time. Deacons will be present at the entrance and in the foyer/hallway to assist.

7. We ask that you do not enter any classrooms.

8. We ask that you enter the auditorium and be seated –starting front rows to back. Every other row will be marked unavailable. If you are by yourself, please sit in the large middle section and move to the center to accommodate families needing space on the ends. We know everyone likes their own “reserved pew,” but we ask for cooperation. Thank you.

9. We ask that you sit as a family –including teenagers and younger people.

10. Parents, please keep your children beside you. The restrooms/nursery will be open, but we request they not be used unless absolutely necessary.

11. At the conclusion of the assembly, we will dismiss row by row beginning from the back.

12. No handshakes or hugs. Please be respectful of the concerns of others.

13. Facemasks... We refer you to state recommendations. You may bring your own or we will have those available. Regarding facemasks for children, we defer to the judgment of parents.

14. Lord’s Supper... We have pre-packaged bread/fruit of the vine containers to pick up as you enter the building (if you prefer to bring your own, you may). This eliminates the need to serve. Leftover trash can be placed at the rear of the auditorium as you leave.   

15. Giving will be available via a box in the foyer as you enter/exit. For those who cannot attend, please mail to Joel Jobe or give via venmo as previous.   

Announcements will be made by PowerPoint and/or verbally.

There will be no bulletin.

Even though this sounds awkward and impersonal, we believe we can do this –serve our Lord on the First Day of the week while respecting guidelines for health. FYI: There will be no other assembly time at present (no Sunday night/Wednesday night). 

This is an evolving situation and we will make changes as needed. If you have questions or concerns, please address them with us.

Finally, our prayer is twofold: that God will keep us safe and that each will respect the conscience of others (Romans 14). May He bless our efforts as we move forward in a way that glorifies Him.

The Elders of Veterans Parkway

A copy of our state recommendations for reopening places of worship can be found online at (Governor’s Office of Faith-Based Guidance Reopening Houses of Worship)