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Radical Faith

Radical Faith


We sing, “This world is not my home…” yet I wonder if we mean that. It’s easy to feel at home here—you know, the United States of America. And while our nation is changing (rapidly and for the worse), it still holds the promise of much. Sometimes I question if we (self included) have not lost our faith to the American dream of comfort, luxury, and ease. 


What may be our greatest asset (ease of living) can become our greatest liability. For example, it’s easy to sing, “All to Jesus I Surrender” while having a passive rather than passionate attitude toward the gospel. It’s easy to let worldly things (aka, entertainment) come between us and the assemblies. Or to allow lifestyle to come before sacrifice. Or we want to grow a church, yet never confront the core reason. Is it for us or for Him?


I have a vision for the Veterans Parkway church—


  • A vision to burst forth from our current facility to a bigger one—not fancy—but bigger. Why? Souls.
  • A vision that our giving increases as sacrifice wins over selfishness. Why? Souls.
  • A vision where Christians pray and praise with more passion, emotion, and affection than characterizes the typical gathering. Why? Souls. 
  • A vision of a church that can sustain itself financially to the point that we can send men overseas to preach and teach the gospel. Why? Souls.
  • A vision that some of our own will volunteer for such life-changing trips. Why? Souls.


It’s not about us, folks. It’s about Him. And them. You may think such a mindset is radical. It is. You may think such a thing is impossible. It isn’t. Read the book of Acts and explore the possibilities.


It starts with simple things… like praying for the whole world. Yes, the…whole…world. Last time I checked, they were lost. Or giving more so we can ship boxes of extra song books (like the ones stored in our building’s attic) to places in need. Think we could do that?   


You and I have 70-80 years here. It’s easy to focus on ease and

comfort while blinding ourselves to the bigger picture. We stand

on the porch of eternity. And so does everyone else. In the

meantime, the gospel is in our hands. What will we do?