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I just spent a week in Houston on a lectureship with three other men—one of whom was David Posey from Folsom, California (suburban Sacramento). I’ve heard of David for a long time, but our paths have never crossed. Until now. I also knew that David and Christie Posey carry a burden.


On December 14, 2012, they watched in horror as news reports flooded the airways regarding the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The horror, however, was intensely personal. Their grandson went to that school. Their grandson was in the class where Adam Lanza entered and opened fire. Their grandson saw his teacher murdered as well as those of his classmates. When Lanza stopped for a moment to reload, the Posey’s grandson and five others bolted for the door. They were the only children who survived from that class.


I asked how the now seven-year-old was doing. “He’s struggling,” Christie replied. She wiped away a tear and asked us to remember him in our prayers. The family left Connecticut immediately and has relocated in the Denver area. A support group of Columbine families along with a wonderful church family have helped them tremendously.


Evil is real because the one who is the personification of evil is real. And until we deal with the “real” problem, everything else remains a band-aid smokescreen. Sure, it makes us feel better to point at things like gun control, additional school security, or better treatment of mental illness. However, none of that confronts the “real” issue. The “real” issue is Satan. He is alive and “seeking someone to devour.” It’s much like cleaning up the spider webs in your house and never dealing with the spider. As long as the spider remains, the cobwebs will continue to reappear.


I felt badly for David and Christie and their family. Please remember

them in your prayers. Their precious grandson has seen what would

haunt adults, much less a child. Yes, evil is real. May we see it for

what it is, see the one behind it, and hate it. Amos 5:15—


                                    “Hate evil, love good”