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Quiet Moments with Jesus

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Staying connected is big business in our techno-culture. Smart phones, e-mail, Facebook, Texting, and Twitter give us instant access 24/7/365. And while that has its advantages, it has equal disadvantages.


For example, how much time do we spend building face-to-face relationships? Have we become addicted to phones and laptops to the point that a keyboard or I-Pad is the same to us as a nicotine fix is to a tobacco addict? Some can’t seem to live without them! To some, the very idea of “unplugging” and spending quiet moments with real people is unnerving. That’s sad.


And how much time do we spend in quiet moments with God? Is God some distant Deity or is He your friend and confidant with whom you walk each day? That’s not a hard question. Do you know about Him or do you know Him? That’s not a hard question either.


The majority has little understanding of how the Creator seeks intimacy with the created (Isa.43:7; John 3:16). It’s equally sad how a great number of believers engage in a shallow “Sunday-only” relationship with Him—as if God lives in a box we drag out on the first day of the week. Jesus said, “This is eternal life that they may know Him” (John 17:3). How well do you know Him? 


  • How many times have you talked on the phone this week versus how many times you have talked with Him?
  • How often do you connect with friends on Facebook versus how often you connect with Him in His Book?
  • How many quiet moments have you had this week when you allowed yourself to find peace in His presence?


Do you need to unplug? It’s amazing how quiet music (or quiet nothing) can calm frazzled minds and restore a sense of calm and well-being. How many times did Jesus

get away from the hustle-bustle of the day’s busyness and find a quiet

place to pray? Luke 5:16 says He did it often. Was He less busy than

you? There never has been One with more to do and less time to get it

done than Jesus. Yet He made time for what mattered. Do you? Unplug

the cord, hit the “OFF” button on the remote, open your Bible, find

your prayer closet, and enjoy some quiet moments with the Lord.