Assemblies Resume Sundays in August

Assemblies Resume Sundays in August

We will begin meeting at the building again starting Sunday, August 2, 2020. Aaron-Harrington will meet at 9:00, and this service will be live streamed. The 10:30 group will be Harris-Wrenn. If you have a conflict, please know you are welcome at the other service.

A reminder about our midweek Bible study: Beginning Wednesday, August 5, we will resume opening the building under the following guidelines:

1) Wednesday nights –we are inviting families with children -middle school and down. Everyone meet in the auditorium for one combined 40 min. class on subjects that connect with younger ages. Wilson Adams will teach. Class to be dismissed by prayer and we exit. 

2) Thursday nights –we are inviting “older families” (high school and up, grown children, or no children) to attend a 40-minute class in the auditorium taught by Ernest Benjamin. The subject matter will be of his choosing. 

We recognize there may be schedule conflicts and we will accommodate. For families with kids in both age groups, you choose what is best for you. We are simply trying to find a way to have even numbers spread over two consecutive mid-week nights. 

Live Stream Details (Facebook account not required to watch on the VP website):